October 22, 2022

Barrel Stave Bar Stools

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The Journey Of A Wine Barrel

The journey of a wine barrel is a story for ages. From the forests of Southern France and America to the comfort of a dinner table, the oak wine barrel is a vessel of flavor and love serving millions globally. The toasted oak barrels handcraft aged wines through years of maturity and flavor development until they are deemed neutral and unfit for proper aging. Still a valuable hardwood, the oak barrels are then procured through international wineries to repurpose and upcycle into beautiful rustic-modern pieces of furniture.

Oak Wood Wine Barrels - Fully Recycled & Renewable Process

At Oak Wood Wine Barrels (OWWB), we fully recycle used wine barrels to produce the highest quality handmade furniture and statement pieces for residential and commercial locations. Starting from our renewable solar energy sources to sustainable methods of production, OWWB implements a closed-loop methodology to furniture production with zero waste in mind. Wine barrels are fully deconstructed and utilized in all aspects of production, ranging from full wine barrel cabinets and chairs to chopped up stave pieces for smoker grills and saw dust collection for fireplace fire starters. Throughout the years, OWWB has developed an extensive catalog of wine barrel furniture including wine barrel coffee tables, barrel wine racks, poker tables, barrel chairs, barrel fire pits, barrel foot rails and glass tops, bar carts, barrel stave bar stools and other wine barrel accessories for the home, man cave, game room and commercial locations. All furniture pieces and accessories are minimally sanded to preserve the natural oak accents and aging of the wine barrel. We assure each piece is unique and protected with multiple layers of marine/spar varnish. All pieces, full barrel or stave, have the inside deep burgundy wine stain preserved through light sanding and sealing to illustrate the story of your barrel.

Wine Barrel Stave Bar Stools

This blog will be talking about the Wine Barrel Stave Bar Stools, our classic take on a bar stool designed for all gatherings. The bar stool can be found in the Barrel Chairs collection at https://obarrel.com/collections/chairs. The bar stool is the perfect addition to any bar or counter space with a bespoke design for comfort and functionality. The bar stool is designed and handcrafted by OWWB to be compatible with standard bar counters while providing comfort with wine barrel hoops as footrests. All bar stools are upholstered with memory foam upholstery, equipped with an integrated wine barrel hoop footrest and come with an exposed design accentuating the sealed natural wine stain. Whether it's with your wine barrel bar set or at your kitchen counter, the wine barrel stave bar stool is sure to impress and be the seat all guests choose. The choices for bar stool color are plentiful. You can choose from classic brown vegan leather to authentic blue denim used in the manufacturing of blue jeans and apparel. Current colors available are Cherry Red, Classic Brown, Blue Denim, Green, Blue Velvet and Electric Blue. All bar stools and available colors can be found in the Barrel Chairs collection at https://obarrel.com/collections/chairs. The Brown Wine Barrel Stave Bar Stool can be purchased using the following link: https://obarrel.com/collections/chairs/products/stave-bar-stool-brown