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April 29, 2024

How Big Is A Wine Barrel In Winnipeg Canada?

While finding a used wine barrel in Winnipeg might require a bit of hunting, knowing the standard dimensions is key to ensuring it fits your project goals (and your vehicle for transport!). Let's delve into the world of wine barrel sizes and offer tips for sourcing them in your area.

Standard Wine Barrel Sizes

The most common type used for aging wine and repurposing into furniture is what's known as a ""Bordeaux"" or ""Barrique"" barrel. These hold approximately 225 liters (59 gallons). In terms of dimensions, expect:

Height: Around 35 inches (91 cm)
Width (at the widest point): About 27 inches (68 cm)
Weight (empty): Approximately 100 lbs (45 kg)

Important Notes:

Slight Variations: Even among standard barrels, there may be minor differences due to the cooperage (barrel-maker) and the type of wood used.
""Half-Barrels"" Are Popular: These are often used as planters and are (unsurprisingly) about half the height of a full barrel.
Larger (and Smaller) Exist: Some wine regions utilize barrels with different capacities, but these are less common for DIY projects.

Finding Barrels in Winnipeg: Where to Search

Local Wineries: While Manitoba's wine scene is smaller than other provinces, there are a few wineries worth contacting. They may have retired barrels for sale.
Online Marketplaces: Sites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace often have listings for both full-size and half-barrels.
Brew Supply Stores: Homebrewers sometimes use small barrels. Stores catering to them might have leads on larger ones too.
Restaurants with Wine Focus: Establishments with extensive wine lists sometimes use barrels as decor and may rotate them out occasionally.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

What was held in it?: Red wine leaves those desirable stains, while white wine or spirits won't have the same visual impact.
Condition: Check for major leaks, loose hoops, or signs of significant rot.
Price Point: Condition and source impact the price, so having a budget in mind is helpful.

Transporting Tips

Truck or Trailer: Most cars won't fit a full barrel! Arrange the proper vehicle beforehand.
Lifting Help: Even empty, barrels are bulky and awkward. Bring a friend to help load/unload safely.

DIY Inspiration: Common Barrel Projects

The Bistro Classic: A barrel + wood round = the perfect patio table.
Planter Power: Halved barrels are ideal for flowers, herbs, or even small veggies.
Rustic Rainfall Solution: A barrel can be converted into a rain collector for watering your garden.

Fun Winnipeg-Themed Barrel Idea

Paint your barrel with the iconic blue and gold of the Winnipeg Jets logo. Turn it into a side table or a unique cooler for backyard hockey watch parties!

Share Your Creations!

We love seeing the diverse ways people utilize barrels. If you find one in Winnipeg and transform it, tag us on social media and share your project! Your ingenuity might inspire others in your area to do the same.

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