How-Did-Oak-Wood-Wine-Barrels-Land-a-Spot-on-Netflix-s-Mo Oak Wood Wine Barrels
June 14, 2024

How Did Oak Wood Wine Barrels Land a Spot on Netflix's Mo?

Ready for a behind-the-scenes peek? Here's the story of how Oak Wood Wine Barrels landed a starring role (well, more of a gracefully aged supporting role!) in the heartwarming and critically acclaimed Netflix series ""Mo.""

A Stroke of Serendipity (and Maybe a Little Social Media Magic)

It started, as many modern stories do, online. Our social media feeds were buzzing about ""Mo"" pre-release: its Texas setting, its unique blend of comedy and heart, and of course, that rustic-chic aesthetic that aligns so perfectly with our furniture. On a whim, we posted something along the lines of: ""If the 'Mo' set needs some oak barrels, we're here for it!""

Turns out, the set design team was looking for a specific kind of warmth and authenticity that only genuine wine barrels could provide. To our absolute delight, they reached out!

It's All About the Details

The type of barrel matters! Here's why Oak Wood Wine Barrels was a good fit for ""Mo"":

The Lived-In Look: Our barrels are retired from wineries, with those gorgeous stains and signs of use that can't be faked.
Variety is Key: We offered a selection of sizes and styles, ensuring the set designers had options for different scenes.
Functionality First: Some pieces were purely visual, others were modified for practical use (those barstools weren't just for show!).

Lights, Camera, Barrels!

Seeing our barrels transformed into set pieces for a show we loved was incredible. Here's where the Oak Wood Wine Barrels magic appeared:

The Watering Hole: Our barrels became the foundation of the iconic bar set, lending authenticity and a sense of history.
Greening the Set: Half-barrels overflowed with plants, instantly adding life and a touch of Texas hominess to outdoor scenes.
Subtle Touches: An artfully placed full barrel in the background of certain shots provided depth and character that a newly-made prop simply couldn't.

Barrel Crafting Before Set Crafting

We always put care into transforming barrels into furniture, but knowing these pieces would be on-screen added a special layer of excitement. Lightly sanding them to highlight their beauty while preserving the patina, ensuring everything was structurally sound – we were meticulous!

The Power of Authenticity

""Mo"" succeeds because it feels real. Using genuine oak barrels that held years of winemaking history, even if most viewers don't consciously register it, contributes to that authenticity.

Inspiration Corner: ""Mo""-Inspired Decor

Cozy Hub: Recreate the bar vibe with a barrel bistro set and string lights overhead.
Tex-Mex Fusion: A half-barrel planter bursting with colorful succulents adds a touch of the Southwest to your space.
Ode to Olive Oil: One of our barrels featured prominently in a scene with olive oil – display your own on a barrel side table!

Beyond the Screen

We're so proud to have our barrels be a tiny part of the magic of ""Mo."" And what's even cooler? We get to repurpose those barrels again into beautiful furniture pieces, giving them yet another chapter in their story-filled lives.

Have You Spotted Our Barrels?

Were you a keen-eyed ""Mo"" viewer? Let us know in the comments! And if you're ready to add a piece of that cozy, 'Mo'-inspired charm (with a side of Netflix history) to your home, explore our collection.


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