How to maintain the oak wood of your wine barrel furniture - Oak Wood Wine Barrels
March 07, 2023

How to maintain the oak wood of your wine barrel furniture

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Maintaining Wine Barrel Furniture

Furniture made from recycled wine barrels is an easy way to furnish your patio or kitchen with a touch of rustic elegance. Wine barrel furniture has a one-of-a-kind style thanks to the oak wood used in its construction, which may elevate the aesthetics of any room. However, proper maintenance is required to ensure that this furniture retains its attractive condition for as long as possible. If you have oak furniture made from wine barrels, you'll want to read this post for care instructions.

Be sure to maintain a spotless couch.
To preserve the look of your wine barrel furniture, it is essential that you keep it clean. Furniture can quickly lose its luster if dust and filth are allowed to collect on its surface. Dust and dirt can be easily swept off the surface using a soft cloth or brush. Wood should only be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush that won't leave scratches.

Make sure the furniture is dry
Oak wood is susceptible to warping and cracking when exposed to excess dampness. Don't put your wine barrel furniture in a room that's constantly wet. A dehumidifier can help you breathe easier in your humid environment. An umbrella isn't the only way to shield your furnishings from the rain.

Keep out of the sunlight.
Over time, wood exposed directly to sunlight can lose its original hue. To avoid this, keep your wine barrel furniture out of places that are subject to prolonged exposure to sunlight. If you can't get out of the sun's rays altogether, at least try to shield yourself from them with a roof or some other form of shade.

Slap on a layer of armor
Protecting your wine barrel furniture from the effects of moisture and sunlight is as simple as applying a protective coating. Coatings like wax, varnish, and sealants are just some of the options out there. Pick a coating that works well with the material and finish of your existing furniture. When applying the coating, make sure to strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Upkeep on a consistent basis
Maintaining your wine barrel furniture on a regular basis might assist to extend its life and protect it from damage. It could be necessary to do maintenance every few months, depending on the amount of use and the amount of exposure to the weather. Cleaning, polishing, and putting a protective coating are all examples of maintenance duties. Don't let your maintenance routine go behind.

Oak wood wine barrel furniture is beautiful and long-lasting if treated properly.

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