How-To-Protect-A-Wine-Barrel-Outside-In-Calgary-Canada Oak Wood Wine Barrels
June 10, 2024

How To Protect A Wine Barrel Outside In Calgary Canada?

Calgary, with its sunny skies and often harsh winters, demands specific care for outdoor barrel furniture. But don't let the weather stop you from enjoying the beauty of a wine barrel table on your patio or a rustic planter by your porch! Let's talk strategies for maximizing your barrel's lifespan in the unique Calgary climate.

The Challenge: Calgary's Extremes

Intense Sun: UV rays fade wood and can cause cracking over time. Shade is your barrel's friend!
Dry Air: This leads to wood shrinking, which can compromise the barrel's structure.
Freeze/Thaw Cycles: Moisture that seeps into the wood expands when freezing, creating the potential for damage.

Prevention is Key: Proactive Steps

Location Matters:

Partial Shade: An ideal spot gets some sun (to prevent mold) but avoids the harshest afternoon rays.
Rain Runoff: If placing your barrel on a deck, ensure good drainage so water doesn't pool underneath.
Winterize: If possible, store it in a shed or garage during the coldest months to minimize freeze/thaw stress.
Choose the Right Barrel:

Oak is King: It's naturally more resilient than other woods.
Prior Use: Barrels that held red wine tend to be more weather-resistant due to the tannins in the wood.
Signs of Quality: Look for tight seams, sturdy hoops, and a lack of significant cracks.

Seal and Protect:

Exterior-Grade: Choose products explicitly designed for outdoor use.
Stain vs. Clear: Stain adds color AND some UV protection, while a clear sealant allows the natural wood to show.
Re-apply Regularly: Check the instructions on your chosen product, but plan on re-sealing every year or two.
Additional Protection Tips for Calgary

Elevate It: Place your barrel on bricks or pavers to improve airflow underneath, preventing moisture buildup.
Cover Up: Invest in a fitted barrel cover for when it's not in use, especially in winter.
Indoor Interludes: If you have space, bringing smaller barrel furniture pieces inside during the harshest weather extends their lifespan.

Accept Imperfections

Even with diligent care, your barrel will weather over time. Embrace the patina of age – it adds to the rustic charm! Focus on preventing major structural damage rather than aiming for perfection.

DIY Protection Upgrades

Add a Base: For planters, put a layer of gravel in the bottom to improve drainage. Drill a few extra drainage holes if needed.
Caster Power: Attach casters to larger barrel pieces, allowing you to easily move them to a more sheltered spot when bad weather hits.

Calgary-Inspired Touches

Saddle Up: Add a leather-wrapped handle to a barrel side table for a Western vibe.
Mountain Modern: Paint your barrel a deep charcoal gray and use it as a base for an outdoor fire pit.
Stampede Spirit: Use stencils and outdoor paint to decorate your barrel with the iconic Calgary Stampede logo.

Share Your Success (and Lessons Learned!)

Did you conquer the challenge of keeping a barrel beautiful in Calgary? Show us your results! Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #CalgaryBarrelBoss.

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