Who-Makes-the-Barrel-Furniture-Seen-in-Netflix-s-Mo Oak Wood Wine Barrels
July 04, 2024

Who Makes the Barrel Furniture Seen in Netflix’s Mo?

The sharp-eyed viewers of the hit Netflix show ""Mo"" might have recognized the warmth and charm of genuine oak barrel furniture adding to the authenticity of several scenes. That's where we come in – Oak Wood Wine Barrels is proud to have been the source for several of those pieces!

From Winery to Your Watching Party: Our Barrel Journey

Here's how our barrels make their way from holding delicious vintages to becoming the cozy barstools or lush planters on your screen:

Sourcing with Stories: We handpick retired wine barrels, each with its unique patina and subtle hints of its past life.
Transformation Time: While we love the rustic beauty, light sanding and refurbishing ensures they're safe and ready for their close-up!
Set Design Matchmaking: Collaborating with the ""Mo"" set team, we provided a selection of barrels in various sizes and styles to fit their specific needs.
More than Props: Some barrels were purely aesthetic, others (like those barstools) were functional, proving barrel furniture is as practical as it is beautiful.
Why Barrels Bring Authenticity to ""Mo""

The beauty of ""Mo"" lies in its realness. Here's why using genuine oak barrels was the perfect choice:

Texture Tells a Tale: The stains, subtle marks – that's not something you can fake. Barrels add a layer of visual history.
Symbol of Community: Whether used as a bar, table, or backdrop, barrels evoke a sense of gathering and shared experiences.
Texas Tradition with a Twist: Barrels hint at Texas's ranching past, while Mo's Palestinian heritage also has a long history of utilizing similar vessels.
Barrel Spotting 101

Think you saw one of our barrels on ""Mo""? Here's how to tell:

Rich Red Stains: Barrels used for red wine leave their mark, making for a warmer tone than brand-new wood.
The Patina of Time: A soft, aged look to the wood, even after light refurbishment.
Subtle Imperfections: The beauty of real barrels is that each is unique. Slight variations in the stave width or hoop placement are clues!
Inspiration: Get the ""Mo"" Look

Bar with a Backstory: A barrel-turned-bistro table instantly creates a cozy gathering spot, just like in ""Mo.""
Plant Power: Half-barrels filled with flowers or herbs bring life to your porch in true Texas-meets-Palestine style.
Statement Piece: A full barrel as a unique side table adds the perfect dose of quirky charm Mo himself would approve of.
From the Set to Your Home

The best part? After their time in the spotlight, we get to repurpose those barrels again into beautiful furniture! It's another chapter in their long and story-filled lives.

Behind the Scenes Secret

Some of the barrels on ""Mo"" weren't just props – the crew actually used them for seating during breaks!

Share Your Sightings!

Did you catch a glimpse of our barrels on ""Mo""? Snap a screenshot and share in the comments! And if you're ready to bring a piece of that ""Mo"" warmth (and a touch of Netflix history) into your home, explore our collection.

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