March 08, 2023

The best ways to store furniture made with oak wood from wine barrels

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Furniture constructed from oak wood salvaged from wine barrels should be stored properly to preserve its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we'll go over some tips for preserving the life of wine-barrel oak furniture in your home.

Safe, temperature-controlled, off-season warehousing
Furniture crafted from oak wood salvaged from wine barrels benefits greatly from being stored in a temperature and humidity controlled setting. In other words, it's a room where the temperature and humidity are controlled and maintained at all times. Don't put the furnishings anywhere that will get too hot, too humid, or too much direct sunshine. It's possible that a basement or garage isn't the greatest place to keep such items.

Please use protection for your valuables.
For the sake of cleanliness and hygiene, it is recommended that you install protective covers on your wine barrel furniture. They come in a wide range of dimensions and materials, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Pick a cover that can breathe and won't keep moisture in.

Increase the height of the furnishings
When the furniture is raised, it is shielded from dust accumulation, dampness, and insects. Blocks or pallets can be used to keep the furniture off the floor. The space under and around the furniture will be easier to tidy up as a result.

Try to take it apart.
You could want to take your wine barrel furniture apart if it can be put back together easily after being stored. The furniture will be less likely to get scratched or dented when being transported or stored.

Scheduled maintenance
Even while in storage, your wine barrel furniture needs to be cleaned regularly to preserve its beauty. Regularly dust the furniture with a soft cloth and instantly remove any spills or stains.

In conclusion, oak wood furniture, such as that built from wine barrels, must be stored in the correct manner to preserve its beauty and durability. In order to keep your wine barrel furniture in pristine condition, it is essential to store it in a climate-controlled environment, use protective covers, elevate the furniture, disassemble it if possible, and clean it regularly.

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